The Internet – an evaluation.

The interconnection of network, also known as the Internet, was a theoretical concept upon which researchers started working as soon as the electronic computers were introduced in the market during the mid-twentieth century. The original work for the creation of internet was being carried out in the laboratories of the United States of America, France and the United Kingdom. During the 1980s, researchers at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) Switzerland led to the development of what is now known as the World Wide Web. It completely revolutionized the modern day  communication. 

The internet’s inception has bridged many parts of the world together and has been invaluable in all walks of life. However, many skeptical individuals ask whether the world is now truly a better place than it was before the birth of internet. Let’s take a look at some of the merits and demerits of the Internet.

The advantages of internet are boundless. It has removed the limitations on the amount of knowledge that a person can acquire in his lifetime by opening a portal of information on all fields of life. The Electronic Mail has completely replaced and outdated its older counterpart, i.e: the direct mail, and has allowed communication to be done quickly and on a much wider scale. Data can be accessed for subjects ranging from outstandingly difficult disciplines like Quantum Mechanics to the remarkably vast field of human history.

Internet has revolutionized the industrial sector by integrating itself in major sectors of market throughout the world. It provides companies with means of gathering information by the seconds, consequently enabling Electronic Trading and E-Commerce that has an increasing importance in the liquid markets of the world. Its usefulness in the homeland security is of paramount importance as internet allows remote access to the defense assets of nations and allows them to prepare for any threat instantaneously. Without a doubt, it can be stated that the Internet has utterly restructured the very core of our lives but has this drastic alteration been achieved without any drawbacks?

People argue that the internet has limited the creativity of the young generations as they are totally engrossed in it, wasting their precious hours doing unproductive activities on the internet which could have been utilized to do some thing fruitful. According to a survey, an average teenager spends almost twenty seven hours a week online which speaks volumes about the excessive use of the internet by the teenagers. Moreover, the inappropriate content spread over the internet has been pivotal in destroying the moral values of young boys and girls as they are exposed to the unsupervised and unrestricted access to pornography and other moral vices. Spending excessive hours on the internet has created many health concerns in the young generation in which obesity is one of the leading issues that has affected nearly twenty percent of the teenage group.

Not only this but the vast amount of information a person provides on the internet, ranging from personal details, credit card number, to social security number can be manipulated and used by extreme minded people to blackmail the individuals and digest money from their banks. This is supported by the fact that one in ten individuals is a victim the endless scams on the internet, as an investigation states. Furthermore, the integration of internet in the defense department can bring more disadvantages than advantages as a single hack or malfunction may jeopardize the entire homeland security system inevitably and the safety of a nation!

Evaluating the above given evidences, we can see that both of the sides of the argument present strong cases that are supported by concrete facts and figures. While the internet has transfigured our daily lives and made it much easier, we can not ignore the detrimental effects it has produced on our lives. Hence, we can be agree that a sustained and conservative use of the internet may have numerous benefits for our progression and limit the drawbacks that it produces.  


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